The greatest family holidays are here in Tuscany!

Planning a holiday for the whole family is sometimes a challenge: somebody dreams about relax and free time after a busy working year (usually these are the parents), children instead are always in search of inspiring – and sometimes dangerous – activities.

Professional Kite Beach Fiumara School – Marina di Grosseto

Whatever you are in search of, the Maremma offers you the suitable solution. Free or equipped beaches are available on the whole tuscan coast, together with rocky shoreline where you can dive or snorkle.

Many activities are available to make a lively holiday with your kids.

Diving school in Orbetello

We suggest you to visit the Tarot Garden in Capalbio, a magical place with 22 monumental sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle: thery are representing her idea of the greater Mysteries of the tarot, constructed of reinforced concrete and covered with mirrors and ceramic mosaic. The figures can be walked through. Children and adults will be fascinated by the explosion of colours.

Tarocchi Garden (Il Giardino dei Tarocchi)

For more fun and adventure don’t give up going to the amusement park “CavallinoMatto” in Livorno. It is the great amusement park of Tuscany, located just 500 meters from the seaside, in Marina di Castagneto Carducci, right on the famous Costa degli Etruschi. It is the only theme park in Italy located practically by the seaside. It’s quite common to see water parks along the coast, but proper theme parks are not so easy to find. That’s why CavallinoMatto is one of a kind!

Magic Mountain


Are you ready now to live an incredible experience in contact with the nature?  If yes don’t forget to visit the adventure park “Il tasso scatenato” in Follonica. Here you’ll find the breeze coming from the sea and the shade of the trees on which instructors will teach you to “walk” in total security.

Please remember that you’re in the Gulf of Follonica, just few steps away from one of the most beautiful beaches of Maremma: Cala Violina. Don’t miss the chance to visit it!

Il tasso scatenato – Adventure Park

Il tasso scatenato – Adventure Park

With its natural parks, numerous hills, with its pristine beaches and endless campaigns, the Maremma is a paradise to discover also on horseback. There are many riding schools which offer unique opportunities for exploring the most beautiful beaches of its territory.

Do you have an explorer soul? Discover the old iron mines in San Sivestro, an unique examples of the mining and metallurgical cycle, from the Etruscan era to the present day.

Equipped with helmets and coloured waterproofs it is possible to walk inside the Miniera del Temperino mine, an evocative 360 metre tunnel where visitors can discover a broad range of rocks and minerals and the traces of the work of the miners.

Aboard the mining train you can cross the Lanzi-Temperino tunnel where the shapes and colours of the minerals will take the visitors on a discovery of an extraordinary underground world.

At the end of the ride you will reach the Lanzi Valley and the begining of the uphill trail that leads to the striking Rocca di San Silvestro.

San Silvestro Park – Lanzi Temperino gallery

But at the end of such intense days, relaxing evenings in your villa with swimming-pool surrounded by the green hills will be surely welcome by every member of the family!


Tuscany has thousand souls and everyone can find his own there.

Spring is definetly coming. With the first warmth nature wakes up and gives us the message that the ugly gray days are almost gone and that we can think about holidays!


Giannutri island

In Tuscany every person finds his own tailor made holiday: families looking for relax but also entertainment for the kids; young people crazy for water sports; food and wine lovers; nature and outdoors fans. And don’t forget the artistic and historical heritage: Florence, Siena, Lucca, Pisa, San Gimignano, just to mention some.

Palazzo Aldobrandeschi und Piazza Dante in Grosseto, Toskana

Palazzo Aldobrandeschi and Piazza Dante in Grosseto, Tuscany

Tuscany offers you all you desire and even more!


The only problem is that there is so much to see and to taste, that you will have to come back several times to this wonderful land!


Renting a villa in Maremma is a good solution, because you can organize your holiday as you prefer. You are free to do what you want, when you want. Practically as if you were in your own house, but on holiday, in a wonderful place and with all luxury conforts like private pool, direct access to the sea, amazing landscapes. In a word: a dream that becomes reality.


In our next posts we’ll give you some tips about how to spend your time in Tuscany. Stay tuned!


Hidden towers to discover in Tuscany: not only Pisa Tower!

To visit Tuscany in winter could be a unique and unusual experience! Beside the most famous places, there are hidden and unexpected monuments you can discover. Towers are structures that come out of a tradition as old as our own cultural development. The many towers we have in Tuscany are a potent reminder of desire for hope and freedom. Pisa tower is the most famous monument we have, but is not the only one which deserves to be visited! Today we present you 5 towers, located in different areas of Tuscany, ideal destination for a winter trip, where to discovered all our history, where to explore unexpected place discovering all the traditions of our country.

1 – The Giurisdavidic tower

Giurisdavidica Tower

The Giurisdavidic tower located on Monte labro. It was chosen by David Lazzaretti as the center of Giurisdavidic community he founded. There are the ruins of buildings erected between 1869 and 1875, in particular the circular tower, the hermitage and the church. You’ll never forget the amazing view you can enjoy from this point of Monte Amiata.

2 – The Tower of Muda

Torre della Muda

The Tower of Muda, placed in Palazzo dell’Orologio in Pisa, become a popular attraction for visitors, because here died Count Ugolino della Gherardesca with his sons, a famous story mentioned in the verses of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

3 – The twin towers

twin towers

San Gimignano is especially famous for fifteen medieval towers that still stand out on its landscape, which have earned him the nickname of Manhattan of the Middle Ages. Salvucci Towers are the twin towers of San Gimignano situated in Piazza del Duomo. The Twin Towers belonged to the most important family of the city Salvucci were built to have an impressive looking and symbolizing the supremacy of the family over the city. Today there are less higher than in the past because at the time of their construction they exceeded the 51 m high of the tower Rognosa despite an express prohibition to pass such a height of 1255.

4 – The towers Beccati Questo (Take this) and Beccati Quello (Take That)

Beccati questo tower

The towers Beccati Questo (Take this) and Beccati Quello (Take That) are located in the middle of the countryside that from Lake Chiusi takes to Lake Trasimeno. The tower Beccati Questo was a military outpost to defend the “Bridge on the Chiane “ from attacks from the troops from Perugia. Whereas, the tower Beccati Quello , functioned as Customs to collect duties related to the trade between Siena and Perugia.

5 – Tower of Torrigiani

Torrigiani tower

Tower of Torrigiani is collocated in the homonym garden in Florence. The tower was built by Gaetano Baccani on 1824 and was used as an astronomic “observatory” and its floors housed a library, a collection of astronomic instruments and on the top an opened terrace to observe the sky.


A charming autumn break: the Argentario’s coastline

Middle of October, a complete blue sky and the jacket left on the backseat of the car, driving aimlessly, the rugged beauty of Monte Argentario all to yourself.
The summer crowding is now a memory and this wonderful season gives me the chance to fully enjoy these places.
The temperature is warm and pleasant and the car heads to the gentle dunes at one of the beach access points.
The beach of Giannella, in Orbetello shows itself in all of its wonder. A lonely walk, enjoying the warm sea breeze, gives unrivaled emotions.


La Giannella beach – Orbetello

The bravest ones enjoy one of the last season’s swims, helped by the sun getting hotter. The water is lukewarm and pleasant.



It is noon and a certain appetite drives me in search of a nice place for lunch. The temperature is perfect, 27 degrees: tomorrow a light autumn tanning will color my face and will remind me this wonderful day!!

I let the car run on the panoramic street, direction Porto Santo Stefano: is an amazing road, full of bends and breathtaking landscapes after each one.


On the way to Porto Santo Stefano

Porto Santo Stefano is the largest town on Monte Argentario and it is situated in a picturesque bay, complete with a bustling old port, busy streets and a chic marina, which is often frequented by more than a few luxury yachts!


Marina Porto Santo Stefano

It’s easy to understand why this place attracts the world’s wealthy and elite!


A toast to the beautiful Porto Santo Stefano with a delicious local wine, Ansonica Costa dell’Argentario! Perfect with the tris of fish carpaccio and the spaghetti with clams I ordered.


So, what else we can you do in this seaport town? There’s the picturesque historic centre, which is best explored on foot. Take a relaxing stroll around, and stop at the Piazza dei Rioni for a cool drink or gelato at one of the many bars and restaurants. There is also a wonderful Spanish fortress situated in a dominating position and built to control the port during the Spanish rule in the 17th century.

It’s time to go back to the car. Sometimes you need to get lost to find the best places and this is my intention for today: here there isn’t a wrong place where to go, so it is the perfect chance!


Porto Ercole – Isolotto dei Gabbiani (seagull’s islet)

A stunning view from Porto Ercole, the big rock called “Isolotto dei gabbiani” (seagull’s islet) in front of me. An extraordinary place where to be relaxed and in the nature.

Incredible is to think that it is October, summer continues here and caresses you with a fantastic sun and a pleasant breeze. The ideal climate for discovering these paradises!


The long beach

I drove to the other port town of the Argentario, Porto Ercole, following the Panoramic Road till the Spiaggia Lunga (long beach): the car parked on the spaces along the road and a quite walk till the small woody stairs.


Ahead of me an exotic and wild beach, wonderfully solitary in this season and kissed by the autumn warm colors.


La spiaggia lunga

The noise of the sea tells me wonderful stories, the wind invites me to join her dance.


This is just a small tasting of the unforgettable places that you can spot in these magical places.

Discover all the closest beaches, the nature reserve, the stunning coastlines, the fishing villages! Just choose, with the luxury of following the mood of the day… this is the beauty of Argentario holidays!



Who said that summer ends in August? Autumn is a delight in Tuscany!

September and October are usually the most pleasant months of the year to be in Tuscany: the weather is absolutely lovely, no rain and temperatures rarely go above 25°C!

It’s amazing to enjoy the charm and tranquility of the sea and a perfect period to discover new places that are too crowded during summer time.

September blog

Enjoy an almost solitary beach in your favourite area or pay a visit to the beaches in Maremma, such as Cala Violina and Marina di Alberese. You can also consider to explore the Tuscan archipelago and all the beauties of this area.

It is warm enough that you can comfortably wear your summer clothes and it is still great weather for dining outdoors and using swimming pools of wonderful villas that you can easily rent for a great price!


Autumn is also a perfect time to visit our wonderful hilly areas and typical villages admiring the color contrasts with the yellow-orange autumn shades. This period is also when many vineyards begin harvesting their grapes.


These months are rich in events and festivals all across the region. Look for wine tastings and historical festivals.

It’s still Spa time! Indulge in a thermal day: Tuscany has about a hundred different places to discover.

Do you prefer a walk in the sunset or an aperitivo on board of a wonderful yacht after a day spent sailing around our amazing islands? We can fulfill each desire of unforgettable experience!


Need more? Don’t lose the opportunity to experience our wonderful Autumn. In our next blogs all the events for next months.
We wait for you!


Spend one day in Alberese without forget a glass and your costume bath!

Summer is coming and we have so many places to show you: so let’s start from Alberese!

Visit the Natural Park of Maremma


The Natural Park of Maremma is a protected wildlife area included in the councils of Grosseto, Magliano in Toscana and Orbetello. It’s developed along 25 km of coast, characterized by sandy beaches and cliffs. The territory is overlooked by Uccellina Mountains, from where the Mediterranean vegetation develops until the sea, surrounded by marshlands, pinewood and fields. Furthermore, in the park it is possible to see grazing cows and cowboys. In fact, Tuscany really does have its own form of horseback heroes called “butteri”. You can also find other different animal species: foxes, wild cats, deer and porcupines.
With the scent of aromatic plants, colourful berries and the cry of its wildlife, the Park greets visitors in showing its gentle side and, at the same time, is primitive nature.


The main Visitor Centre of the Maremma Park is in Alberese. The park is opened all week and the year and it offers different way to visit it: by walk itineraries, by mountain bike, by horseback, with donkeys, by chariot and by canoe excursions along the Ombrone river with the possibility of birdwatching. It’s possible to make tours by itself or with a group, accompanied by a guide or not, in English, German or French language.
If you prefer to lie in front of the sea, a wild beach is waiting for you. A curiosity: a separated part of the beach is reserved to nudists.


If you reach the Park by car, there’s a limited amount of cars allowed to enter, so our advice is, during summer, to arrive very soon. The entrance is limited by camera number plate recognition (you will pay once you leave the Park, on the cash machines, typing your number plate). As alternative, you can go to the Service Centre, in Marina di Alberese, where there’s the possibility to rent a bike, to reach the sea, or to take a bus paying a day ticket.

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Indulge your senses in the Frank & Serafico’s farm


In the heart of the Maremma’s Natural Park, you will find a special farm where to combine the pleasure of wines and beers tasting, together with the experience of typical and genuine foods of this area. Name of this special place is Frank & Serafico.
They produce their own wines and beers, using all the natural ingredients from the area. The vegetables are cultivated in their English gardens and all what it isn’t produced directly in the farmhouse, is coming from top and selected local farms.


We could explain you about the white grapes (Vermentino, Sauvignon Blanc, Fiano and Petit Manseng) farmed in the area of the park and near Capalbio, or we could describe to you the red grapes (Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Alicante and Camenere) farmed there and on the hills around Magliano. Or maybe your prefer to get all details about the Enki Ale beers, but we let with Paolo and Fabrizio the task and the pleasure to explain you everything in detail, once you’ll be there.

We just want to tell you that It’s a great and cozy place, where to take a sit in the wonderful garden, on the comfortable sofas, enjoying the breath taking view of the hills around.
In the meantime you’re waiting for your wine or your beer, taste the handmade focaccia (“schiaccia” as it is called here) and the breadsticks. Enjoy all the meals they propose to you and you will remember the taste of this genuine food, but please, don’t forget to ask the vegetables tempura, it’s unforgettable!

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7 reasons to book a luxury Villa in Tuscany for your next holiday in Italy

Do you know why holiday villa rentals are so successful in Tuscany? Because we need few reasons to persuade everyone about the benefits to rent a wonderful villa in our land full of charm, history, archaeological sites, good food, natural areas and unique beaches.

1 – Privacy is the ultimate luxury

Villa Morena – Porto S. Stefano

To rent a villa instead of a hotel gives you the possibility to enjoy privacy and space to relax with your friends or family. Experience the exclusivity of a private pool, where your level of quietness and peace could be interrupted only by your children, jumping in the water without disturb other guests.
Rather than the crowds of a resort, appreciate the comfort of home, heightened by all the indulgences of a luxury villa.
You will enjoy in autonomy and independence, but with all the assistance you need. Private drivers, cleaning staff, baby sitter and a personal chef could be at your service. Your private villa but with the amenities of a hotel.
Feel comfortable in the absolute privacy your villa will grant you: this is your holiday and you can do whatever you like!

2 – Your own private pool, garden, spectacular views and sunsets


Villa Morena – Porto S. Stefano

Imagine yourself, indulging your senses in a stylish villa, in Maremma. You are sitting on a lounge chair, next to your swimming pool and with a glass of good wine in your hand.
You face the sunset, with a spectacular view of the seacoast. Opposite side, green hills filled with vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees. Welcome in Tuscany!

3 – Feel like a local and experience Italian life


Villa Matilde – Punta Ala

It has no price feeling the freeness to spend your luxury holiday as you prefer. In your villa nobody can submit you to rules or time limits for breakfast and dinner. You can live to your own schedule, but you could also let yourself be seduced by Italian habits and experience our lifestyle. Forget guides and touristic sites and socialize with people: they will tell you the best local places to visit and why you should go there. So take your car or let you drive on the less travelled road: only by doing this you truly experience the “Italian way of life”.

4 – Fall in love with Italian food


Villa Fiorella – Porto Ercole

You have rented your own villa and you can experience local life. Get up in the morning and walk to the nearest bar for the first coffee of the day, discovering how friendly Tuscan people can be. Explore the local markets, choose the fresh, high-quality ingredients that are matching you tastes, come home and cook your own authentic regional meal. This is probably the hugest and most easily “Italian” lesson: spend time making your meals and you will discover that it is an easy thing because our recipes are simple. Enjoy sitting around a table, with all people you love, tasting good food, talking and laughing after some glasses of good wine.
Before dinner, don’t forget the prelude: Aperitivo in Italy is a must!

5 – Enjoy big spaces

Villa-Emma (18)

Villa Emma – Punta Ala

A holiday villa has a lot more space than other accommodations.
It will typically have several bedrooms, living space and a fully equipped kitchen. Outside patios, balconies, gardens: big spaces to share with your friends and your family but with the possibility to have your own corner of lonely peace, if you need it.
Holidays are always better when you can stay together and they become perfect where individual space is no issue.

6 – Less expensive than you expected

Villa Sofia – Punta Ala

If I would ask lot of people: “why you don’t rent a luxury villa in Tuscany for your next holiday?” I’m sure most of them would answer “because is too expensive”.
Well, this is not always true. Wonderful villas, infinity pools and private paths to the beach aren’t as out of reach as you might think and actually you could discover they are less expensive than a resort.
How is it possible?
The simplest way to make luxury affordable is to split the bill. Our villas, for instance, have at least 4/5 bedrooms with consequent place for 8/10 people. If you divide the rental fee for all those people you will discover that medium price is about € 110,- a night for each person. Try to compare it with hotel or resort prices and you will realize that, with these prices, a villa could be a valid alternative for your next holiday.

7 – Slow down (rallentare)


Villa Tina – Argentario

Do you need a lesson on slowing down and savoring life? You are in the right place.
Italians are known for their relaxed approach to life, an attitude of making life as sweet and enjoyable as possible.
Take your sweet time and learn the notion of slowing down: time to enjoy friends, to have an infinite discussion, around a table, about the best food or the best wine.
Go out after dinner for a “passeggiata”: walk slowly, find a piazza and an ice cream shop, have a love affair with your gelato and do some people watching.
Discover the most deep secret of our country: la dolce vita


Maremma coast dresses blue flags (Bandiere blu)

Do you know that Tuscany has excellent beaches?
Each year blue flags fly to Maremma. Along the Etruscan coast, beaches are regularly earning the prestigious flag for clean water by the Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE).
The prestigious eco label ensures water and environmental quality and it takes into account things like cleanliness and sustainability as well as the services are offered, like green areas, paths for pedestrians and bicycles, restrooms and more.
The clear blue sea will fascinate you with white sands and breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy excellent beaches extending from Follonica and descending towards Castiglione della Pescaia, until the unforgettable coast of Monte Argentario.
All our villas are located long these coasts, next to the sea or between the enchanting hills with a spectacular sea view. Don’t miss the beaches “Bandiera Blu”.
For island lovers discover the gems of the Tuscan archipelago: the legend tells that Elba, Giglio, Giannutri, Capraia, Pianosa, Montecristo and Gorgona were born when Venus, goddess of beauty, emerging from the waters of the Tyrrenian Sea, dropped seven pearls from the necklace she worn.
We are waiting for you!


Bolgheri: land of wines, art and history

Ingredients to make this small medieval village enchanting and magical are all there: the long “viale dei Cipressi” celebrated by the famous poet Carducci, the magnificent fortress, rebuilt in XIV century, which is witnessing centuries of history, great vineyards where some of the most exclusive wines are still produced.
Without forget the love, the love that everything can, able to let two noble countesses of the Gherardesca family falling in love with two young and promising winemakers. Their names were Antinori and Incisa della Rocchetta well known as the sponsors of one of the finest wine in the world: Sassicaia.
Someone says that when you taste a wine, you taste a sip of his land and this is exactly what you have to do in this enchanting corner of Maremma.
To taste the wine you should use your vision, your sense of smell, your touch. You can listen it. Let the wine to tell his story, with the food of this land. Let the wine drive you between the small street of Bolgheri to admire his glimpses of history and the typical shops full of regional food & wine products.
This village will fascinate you with his old stone houses and you may indulge yourself in one of a great many bar and restaurant inside of the castle. You couldn’t anyhow leave Bolgheri without visit at least one of the historical winery.