Hidden towers to discover in Tuscany: not only Pisa Tower!

To visit Tuscany in winter could be a unique and unusual experience! Beside the most famous places, there are hidden and unexpected monuments you can discover. Towers are structures that come out of a tradition as old as our own cultural development. The many towers we have in Tuscany are a potent reminder of desire for hope and freedom. Pisa tower is the most famous monument we have, but is not the only one which deserves to be visited! Today we present you 5 towers, located in different areas of Tuscany, ideal destination for a winter trip, where to discovered all our history, where to explore unexpected place discovering all the traditions of our country.

1 – The Giurisdavidic tower

Giurisdavidica Tower

The Giurisdavidic tower located on Monte labro. It was chosen by David Lazzaretti as the center of Giurisdavidic community he founded. There are the ruins of buildings erected between 1869 and 1875, in particular the circular tower, the hermitage and the church. You’ll never forget the amazing view you can enjoy from this point of Monte Amiata.

2 – The Tower of Muda

Torre della Muda

The Tower of Muda, placed in Palazzo dell’Orologio in Pisa, become a popular attraction for visitors, because here died Count Ugolino della Gherardesca with his sons, a famous story mentioned in the verses of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

3 – The twin towers

twin towers

San Gimignano is especially famous for fifteen medieval towers that still stand out on its landscape, which have earned him the nickname of Manhattan of the Middle Ages. Salvucci Towers are the twin towers of San Gimignano situated in Piazza del Duomo. The Twin Towers belonged to the most important family of the city Salvucci were built to have an impressive looking and symbolizing the supremacy of the family over the city. Today there are less higher than in the past because at the time of their construction they exceeded the 51 m high of the tower Rognosa despite an express prohibition to pass such a height of 1255.

4 – The towers Beccati Questo (Take this) and Beccati Quello (Take That)

Beccati questo tower

The towers Beccati Questo (Take this) and Beccati Quello (Take That) are located in the middle of the countryside that from Lake Chiusi takes to Lake Trasimeno. The tower Beccati Questo was a military outpost to defend the “Bridge on the Chiane “ from attacks from the troops from Perugia. Whereas, the tower Beccati Quello , functioned as Customs to collect duties related to the trade between Siena and Perugia.

5 – Tower of Torrigiani

Torrigiani tower

Tower of Torrigiani is collocated in the homonym garden in Florence. The tower was built by Gaetano Baccani on 1824 and was used as an astronomic “observatory” and its floors housed a library, a collection of astronomic instruments and on the top an opened terrace to observe the sky.