A charming autumn break: the Argentario’s coastline

Middle of October, a complete blue sky and the jacket left on the backseat of the car, driving aimlessly, the rugged beauty of Monte Argentario all to yourself.
The summer crowding is now a memory and this wonderful season gives me the chance to fully enjoy these places.
The temperature is warm and pleasant and the car heads to the gentle dunes at one of the beach access points.
The beach of Giannella, in Orbetello shows itself in all of its wonder. A lonely walk, enjoying the warm sea breeze, gives unrivaled emotions.


La Giannella beach – Orbetello

The bravest ones enjoy one of the last season’s swims, helped by the sun getting hotter. The water is lukewarm and pleasant.



It is noon and a certain appetite drives me in search of a nice place for lunch. The temperature is perfect, 27 degrees: tomorrow a light autumn tanning will color my face and will remind me this wonderful day!!

I let the car run on the panoramic street, direction Porto Santo Stefano: is an amazing road, full of bends and breathtaking landscapes after each one.


On the way to Porto Santo Stefano

Porto Santo Stefano is the largest town on Monte Argentario and it is situated in a picturesque bay, complete with a bustling old port, busy streets and a chic marina, which is often frequented by more than a few luxury yachts!


Marina Porto Santo Stefano

It’s easy to understand why this place attracts the world’s wealthy and elite!


A toast to the beautiful Porto Santo Stefano with a delicious local wine, Ansonica Costa dell’Argentario! Perfect with the tris of fish carpaccio and the spaghetti with clams I ordered.


So, what else we can you do in this seaport town? There’s the picturesque historic centre, which is best explored on foot. Take a relaxing stroll around, and stop at the Piazza dei Rioni for a cool drink or gelato at one of the many bars and restaurants. There is also a wonderful Spanish fortress situated in a dominating position and built to control the port during the Spanish rule in the 17th century.

It’s time to go back to the car. Sometimes you need to get lost to find the best places and this is my intention for today: here there isn’t a wrong place where to go, so it is the perfect chance!


Porto Ercole – Isolotto dei Gabbiani (seagull’s islet)

A stunning view from Porto Ercole, the big rock called “Isolotto dei gabbiani” (seagull’s islet) in front of me. An extraordinary place where to be relaxed and in the nature.

Incredible is to think that it is October, summer continues here and caresses you with a fantastic sun and a pleasant breeze. The ideal climate for discovering these paradises!


The long beach

I drove to the other port town of the Argentario, Porto Ercole, following the Panoramic Road till the Spiaggia Lunga (long beach): the car parked on the spaces along the road and a quite walk till the small woody stairs.


Ahead of me an exotic and wild beach, wonderfully solitary in this season and kissed by the autumn warm colors.


La spiaggia lunga

The noise of the sea tells me wonderful stories, the wind invites me to join her dance.


This is just a small tasting of the unforgettable places that you can spot in these magical places.

Discover all the closest beaches, the nature reserve, the stunning coastlines, the fishing villages! Just choose, with the luxury of following the mood of the day… this is the beauty of Argentario holidays!